3rd Inter-state Karen Youth Seminar was successfully held in Queensland

Australian Karen Organisation

AKO Queensland branch, youth affairs has once again successfully organised another youth camp from 22nd to 24th September 2017. This year’s youth camp was joined by Karen young people from both Northside and Southside with over 50 participants. Joining this year youth camp is two of our most honourable guests, P’Doh Mahn Mahn and Thara Kaw Say who flew all the way from Kaw Thoo Lei (Kaw Lah) to share the current situation update on the Karen people and to keep the participants entertained. After conducting a successful evaluation survey, participants seem to have learnt so much in terms of developing their leadership skills and gained more knowledge on the current situation of the Karen people.

AKO Queensland branch, youth department organises inter-state youth camp(or seminar) annually which has started since late 2012. The purpose of organising the event is to allow the Karen young people who are living particularly in Australia to be exposed to the idea of culture maintenance, political awareness, being aware of Karen values and traditions. The aim and objectives of the seminar can be found here on the Australia-wide Karen Nation Youth seminar’s page.

67th Karen Martyrs Day commemoration ceremony, Victoria (12/08/2017)

Australian Karen Organisation

On the 12th of August 2017, the 67th Karen Martyrs commemoration service was held and organised by the Australian Karen Organisation. Each and every year the Karen Martyrs commemoration service is held on this day to remind us about our strong brave soldiers that had sacrificed their life for our Karen peoples freedom. On this particular day, our Karen people pay tribute to our greatest leader Saw Ba Oo Gyi and his greatest fellow leaders who have made a great sacrifice, battled with an honour for the freedom of the Karen people.

The commemoration service was joined by a distinguish guest speaker, the chairman of the International Karen Organisation. A great encouragement speech was presented by the chairman of International Karen Organisation. The service was then followed by a number of great presenters and a number of beautiful songs were presented by various youth groups. Laying of wreaths (laying flowers crowns) took place in the middle of the service to pay their respect to our fallen martyrs.

The service then concluded with a nice refreshment and it was a successful commemoration service as many of the Karen people attended the service to pay their respect to our leaders past and present.